Roland Voice Crystal - Roland D50 Sounds

Kieth Emerson

Keith Emerson

of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

"Pioneering (the first portable?) Moog synthesizer console in '69 proved a demanding feat. Towering to seven feet, a ladder was sometimes necessary to change patch cords. It also weighed approximatly one ton, (the road crew HATED me). I now carry a Voice Crystal in my top pocket, got rid of the ladder, and my road crew loves me."

                                                        Keith Emerson           Jonathan Cain
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11      Dyno-My-Hammond B3      Hit n Strings           You Do or You Dont      Bon Apetite             Noisey Boys Pad         KE Christmas       
12      Christmas Bell Pad      Full Orchestra          Inner Space             Collosus                Matrix 12 Brass         Halo My Friend
13      SpaceTimeContinuum      Woodwinds n Horns       High Eye Q              Sweet Suspense          Prophet Factory-12      KE Tubular Bells
14      Spitty Kaivanette       Strings n Bells         Magic Fifths            Cosmic Keys             Analog Retentive        Sleigh J Pizza Vox
15      Funk Split              JX 10 Horns n Strings   Sleigh J Vixen          Ghost Keys              Analog Pluk Pad         Harmonica n Pad
16      Pizzacatt-o-Rama        Bennys Theme            Temple of the Sun       Dig In                  Gnarley Casio Dude      Into the Light
17      Stereo Brass Hit        Bellobreath             Soft Shadow Dance       Fat Chance              Disney Bells            Smooth Eye Wash
18      Nick Mangus Pad         Flute A Roo             Shadows and Light       Polymoog                Oberspit                KE I Saw 3 Ships

21      Funk Moog Bass          Dreamer                 Full Sizzler            Sleigh Time Pad         Moog Pipe Organ         Eclectic Piano
22      Jobson U K Pad          Smooooth                Soft Sizzle Pad         Synth Bell Pad 1        Tangerine               Clavsat
23      Oberhorn                LA Synth                Saucy Synth             Voicer Bells            Motown Bells            Single Use Piano
24      Harpsi-Vocalchord       Things I Know           I Feel Fine             Ice Bell Voice          Abowds Fave Moog 52     Hookem High Piano
25      Oww Bass and Clav       Synchorium              Fullll Perc Pad         Metal Vox               Prince 1999 Organ       Funk n Perc Echo
26      Musical Box             JX 10 Brass             B3 On Overdrive         Shadow VOX              Tomatoe Vibe            40 Pound B3
27      Chiff Pad               Voletal Synth           Bright and Airy B3      Cosmo Coalmine          Power Pop Layer         Dirty Overdrive
28      Plucked Crystal         Neon Atmosphere         Open the Gate           Spaced Out              Here In My Cars         Percolation Moog

31      Marcato Ensemble        Rhodes 1 A              Tibetan Holiday         Cosmic Strings          Hauling Oats Organ      Voice Drops TP
32      Climactic Fat Synth     Super JX E-Piano        Fiffe                   Hit Them Horns          Smiling Clarinets       Cold Water Dream
33      Glass Synth             Octave Blast            Zion                    Suza Brass              Funkz The Thang         Fleeting Moments
34      Circus Caliope          Guitar VOX              Hit the Mark            Tap Brass               Plucked Crystal         Orchestral Horns
35      Strings Circa 1979      Metal Horn Solo         Moog Hrn PCM 29 EQ      Echo Perc Winds         OB-Xa Strings           Fatso Mugdar Horns
36      Stevies Funk Fave       F Horn                  French Kiss             Shadow Organ            Jupiter-6 Strings       Tritar Solo
37      Its For Lyle            Indian Flute            Click Organ             Shimmer Leslie          Sequential Polymod      Synth Horns
38      Celestial Organ         Jean Luc Solo           Freg-Organ              Costello Organ          Emersmynth GX-Lead      KE Moog Horn Heaven

41      Beefy Kaivanette        Synchorium 2            Knife Solo              Fruiz Of Yor Labor      Bigger UK Pad           Jazzy Guitar
42      OwBass-Strng Split      Synchorium 3            One Rowdy GX-1          Marks Clar-De-Tine      Celeste                 Pedal Steel Pad
43      Solo With Tracepad      Noisestra               Chiff-Tar 5ths          Moog Tine               OB-8 It All Up          Bite Giutar
44      Townshends Lowrey       Do It Tight             Fatso Tauruz Dualz      Zabeo                   Keiths Fifths           Distortion Guitar
45      Mission Impossible      Sledge                  Fatso Tauruz Plink      Guitar n Feathers       Abbadins Triads         Hammond Guitar Pad
46      String-Horn Layer       Kadked                  Clockwork Moog          Slap n Flies            Memymoo Compsynth       Sweet Guitar Vox
47      Ethno Thwack-Growl      Frogs n Flutes          Talkin Bout Drone       Slap Bass Moog Hit      Phlute - Bass Split     Funk n Stein
48      Spacey FX               Anvil                   Fanfare ShufleBass      Space Drums             Diving Doves            City of Lights

51      Digital Monastery       Brass Band              Synchorium 5            Mystery Tines           S-50 Grand Piano        Sweet Harmonics 6X
52      Maze Plays              Full Synth              OB-8 Harpsichord A      Twelve String Clavinet  Asian Temple Bell       Whos in Concert
53      Jupiter Strings         Strings Trio            Double-Reeds X5         Nylon Synth             Digital Marimba         LA Strings
54      Lotus Blossom           Organ Elbass            KE Music Box            Of D50 Dreams           Morning Strings         Oberheim Bass
55      African Kalimba         Nuisance                Chorused Hammond        D50 Rhodes              French Horns            JARRE
56      Acoustic Bass           Luthmans Polysynth      Perc Rock Organ         R H O D E S             Orchestra Blender       AFTER TOUCH
57      Ceremonies              Niceleadguireverb       70s Prog Rock 2         Casio 1                 5th Century Choir       P G 1000
58      Jamaican Drums          Nice Choir ooh          Fluter Sweet 101        TX81Z Grand             Ambient Flutes          Synthe Axe

61      Temple Vocal Bells      Chorusflute             Emersynth Solo Lead     Look at Yourself        Gothic Monks            Aynthe Piano 1
62      Digital Koto Voice      Analog Bounce 2         Lyrical Lead            Monestary               Fat Bass                Synth Pad
63      Solo Digital Violin     Strings Valthor         Synth Pad 1             Axel-F                  Funk That Guitar        String Set
64      Frenchees Cafe          Glockenspiel            Choir Strings 1         Basses                  Mermaid                 D Lux
65      T I M E                 Organ Cello             Mighty Jupiter          Moogs Bass              Movie Track             Synthe Horn
66      D50 Hornz               Misty Choir             Hollow Synth            Magnetic                Cycles of Life          Duel Organ
67      Angels Choir            Complete Brass Band     Mullin Man              Fat Bass                The Lion Heart          Synthe Sweep
68      Music Box               Devonian Desert         Film Stuff 1            Elec-Lead-Guitars       Korg Alps Horn          Synthe Brass

71      Tribes Band             Ghost Dance-2           YES                     Nightime                Dreamscape              Ayolian Flute
72      Nics Polysynth          Old Janx Spirit         Bell Lead 1             CLANG FX                Lazy Summer Nights      Production Line-2
73      PolyPoly sssch          Pretender               Bell-Strings            Digitalog               Human Flute             Puppets
74      Synt 1978 analog        Slapstick Bass          Ice 9                   G R U M P Ys Synth      Relax Japanese          Bad October
75      SyntSyntSynt            The Beast Within        FIREBIRD                DETREVNI AMORHC         Tropical Breath         Strings-INXS
76      PressFor The Voices     A Dream of Siam         Ice Cream Man           Perfect Power Fifth     Canthon                 Central Park
77      Saxxxxx exppedao        Nanaimo Strings         Octaver Analog          Wurlitzer 1             War Story               Ivernia
78      D Jungle                Find Your Trance        Guess Who This Is       Tranquil FM             Grandmas Piano          Borderline

81      Space To Earth          Here to Infinity        ACOUSTIC PIANO          C H R O M A Brass       Philharmonic            Aqua
82      SubHuman Lifeform       Alien in Sector 4       HONKEY TONK PIANO       D 5 0 C L A S S I C     QUARTZ                  Ayla
83      Plink Synth             Summer of 86            Theatre Pipe Organ      Polymoog And Fugue      Old Joanna              Git wheel velocity
84      Piano Lo and Hi         Surrender               All Stops Open          Percussive Synth        Orchestra               Acoustic Pick
85      Dark EP                 Twagish                 Celestial Organ         Proffitt                Stereo Syn Strings      Flute or Horn or
86      BubbleBass              Xylophone               EURO Digital Strings    A 5th of Oberheim       Zangelis                Soft o Hard Split 2
87      ChordHi                 Octaver Bass            Spacious Strings        Da Skul Fa Stryk        Brassicord              Powerful Cathedral
88      Exotic Island           Big Fretless            M-V Fairlight           Moons of Jupiter        Electric Piano 2        Maybe Male

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