Voice Crystal - Roland JD800 / JD990 Sounds

Download a cross section of wav format demos for these sounds here: Voice Crystal VC1,2,3 JD800/990 Demos

	VC1			VC2		       	VC3		
11 	Dream State 		Quistal 		JM Super Clav 
12 	New Age Piano 		Cloudpiano 		JM Dark Funk 
13 	Piano Forte 		Pianos/Strings 		JM Hard Funk 
14 	Crystalized 		Bass/Piano 		JM Analog Funk 
15 	Vox EP Tines 		Oct-sw Piano 		JM Funk 2000 
16 	70's Suitcase 		DonaiP 			SynthRhoads 
17 	Stabb Keys 		Lurch's Delight 	Fast Funk Pad 
18 	Wonder Clav 		Res Clav 		JM Bass 3 
21 	Dyno Clav'n Pad 	Pad of the Gods 	JM Shortski 2 
22 	SmoothJazzSplit 	Glido Pad 		JM Analog 91 
23 	Gotta Split 		Mellopad 		For Miles OB A1 
24 	Full Leslie 		Aurastrata 		JM Stupid Bass 
25 	Phantom Pipes 		Spacedrone 		JM Stupid Bass2    
26 	Devotion 		One-finger Organ 	Hit Bass 
27 	Soul Searcher 		Gnome Gift 		Snake Bass 
28 	Deep Space Pad 		V---GER 		JM Bass 3 
31 	SoundtrackHorns 	Orcrystal 		Phoney Strings 
32 	Mute Brass Plus 	Acquire 		JM DeepWisper 
33 	Thicklash Brass 	Ztringz 		JM Film School 
34 	Baritone Sax 		Orchisynth 		In A Silent Way 
35 	Renaissance 		Flutey 			Thick Pad 
36 	Breathy Flute 		Synthlips 		Zawinul 83 
37 	Swiss Choir 		Knighthood 		Your Mind 
38 	Angel Symphony 		Spacestrings 		Sweetnighter 
41 	Cello & Viola 		Echo Hunter 		Zorba 1999 
42 	Synth Strings 		Cozmiczone 		EUROPE Jones 
43 	Symphony Pad 1 		Cat's Eye 		Pluck Wave 
44 	Orchestra Pizz 		Kryptonite 		JM Third World 
45 	Hall Pizzacato 		Northern Lights 	Mellow Orient 
46 	Heartofthe Storm 	Belltree 		JM Pluck Voice 
47 	Tabla Raga 		Harpness		 JM Air Marimba 
48 	China Town 		Toy Box 		14th Century 
51 	Harmonica Rock 		Wakeman 		Shadow 
52 	Studio 12-String 	Emersonian 		JM Bright Pad 
53	Chukka Guitar 		Lucky Man 		JM Analog Africa 
54	Ingvie Lead 		Cest La Vie 		Bright&Thick 
55 	Studio Marshall 	Froese Horn 		Martian Landing 
56 	Talkin' Tube Solo 	Sweet Thing 		WhatsThe Story 
57	Tarkus Solo 		Carlos 			Wet 
58 	Multi-Mega Lead 	Nasty Guitar 		FLYING GLASS 
61 	Alley Cat Strut 	Oberbass 		Hold Or Pressure 
62  	Electric Bass 		TD seq bass 		Vintage Modern 
63	V.Sw.Funk Bass 		Mantis 			AM 
64	Spitty Bass 		Distant Drum 		ZOOKA 
65 	Ow! Bass 		HarmonicDancer 		JM Fairlight 
66	Dow Vox Bass 		Bamboo Garden 		Up&Away 
67 	Sequencer Bass 		Echodroplets 		Hint Of Air 
68 	PowerSynthBass 		Square Lead 		JM Triangle 
71 	Blade Runner 		Solar Flare 		JM WhisperBells 
72 	Depecheish 		Tangerine Breath 	JM Belly Pad 
73 	Humpster 		Crypt Fog 		JM WaveBells 
74 	Race Me 		Synthachord 		Big&Spacy 
75 	Transmutation 		Dreambell 		JM Solo 
76 	Mystical Journey 	Whistlebot 		BAM 
77 	Passin' Groove 		Elektronique 		JM Ping ? 
78 	Cloud Jumper 		Nightime Visitor 	Forbiden Planet 
81 	Power Perc Pad 		Find Shelter 		KAA 
82 	Different Vibe 		Fokker Triplane 	Doos&Dont's 
83 	Velocity Percs 		SkyCrane 		The 7th Guest 
84 	VolenwindersBell 	Ex-cliffdweller 	Tokyo 2000 
85 	Ethnicoid 		Want's so funny 	Blade Runner 
86 	Yaz F/X 		Nocturne 		Clockwork Organ Orange 
87	House Kit 		Ocean of Jupiter 	Terminator 
88 	808 Kit 		Moonlight Beach 	ABYSS

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