Voice Crystal - Roland VG8 Guitar Synth Sounds


A11	AmpTo100	Thats90LouderIsntIt?	Rear humbuck Strat through cranked Marshall 8X12 stack.
A12	SuperDrv	StratC&R+Classic2X12	Classic Strat C&R through DS-1 distortion pedal and 2X12 Marshall combo.
A13	ProgRock	70'sDrivin'Stack+FX 	Rear  pickup LP with maxed overdrive into a low gain Marshall 8X12 Stack.   
A14	80sMetal	This"Sound"Started It 	Sizzleing Charvel through a Hot Rod Marshall Stack.
A21	Classic1	OverTheTopStratStack 	Classic Strat through a balls to the wall Stack recorded strait off a Plate Reverb.
A22	America1	AmStrat+AmDist+		American Strat through an American distortion + and an American Tweed  
A23	Echoplex	BigVox+LongSlapback	2 rear Humbucks driving through a Vox-like Marshall 8X12 with lots of low mids.
A24	FullBody	2PUPaulBackingCrunch 	2 pickup LP with the 1X12 amp set for full bodied backing crunch.
A31	SingLead	ValleyArts+1X12Boogie 	Compresses Valley Arts through 1X12 Boogie.  Singing lead tone.
A32	SmoothLd	NeckPU+CrankedCS	Neck pickup with high sustain for smooth lead lines.
A33	RockRthm	XBoogieBackingCrunch	Rear pickup Strat through compressor and into hot 1X12 Boogie.
A34	BlueRthm	Bassman90 SetTo"90'	Front pickup Strat, rolled off and compressed, into Bassmen 90 set at "90".
A41	CapnCrch	CrunchBerryCompStack	Rear Pu Lp Compressed into a Classic Stack with condensor mic.
A42	BrtCrnch	RearPUStrat2X12Tweed	Rear PU Strat though Lab Amp with 2X12's and boosted high EQ.
A43	CrunchBG	CenterPU+StudioLead	Center PU Strat through 2X12 Mark IV Studio Lead with cranked midrange.
A44	DryMarsh	DryClassicStack+2X12	LP plugged staight into British amp for 60's British hard rock sound.
A51	CtryCrsp	CountryCrispStrat+BG	Classic Strat C & R though 1X12 Tweed with Slap effects and bright EQ.   
A52	PopRythm	CrunchPopCrunchBoogie	Modern Strat through Boggie combo.  Low end boost for full body.
A53	Flange12	Compressed12Str+Twin 	Flanged SG double neck compressed through Twin Reverb.   
A54	Power 		HardRock12StringL	Combines distortion with 8X12 Stack and just the right amount of delay and reverb.
A61	PolyZone	21st Century "V"tar 	Octave divided Modern Strat into poly metal pedal.
A62	CleanOD?	Dm7b5 G7#5b9 Cm^7 	Crunchy backing rhythm with polyphonic overdrive even on the most altered.
A63	PolyPow1	PowerfulPolyMetalMay	Clear powerful polyphonic crunch with lower bass octave on lower strings.
A64	Poly12St	Poly12StrngLeadStack	Doubled SG 12-string with poly distortion into a crunchy speaker stack .
A71	Banjo 		Real Banjo		RESONATOR: Banjo with different tone than factory presets.
A72	SynAcGtr	HRM Acoustic Guitar	RESONATOR: Synthesized acoustic guitar.
A73	CntryFdl	IfYaWanaPlayInTexas	BOWED: Ya gotta have a fiddle in the band 
A74	Flute		SineWaveGuitar		PIPE: Flutey lead lines.
A81	BluesHrp	GreenBulletOverdrive	SOLO: Play light for harmonica texture.
A82	Trumpet		BreathySynthTrumbet	ARTICULATED: Trumpe
A83	CathOrgn	BigCathedralOrgan	DRAWBAR: Lot's of reverb and EQ for huge organ sound.
A84	Film Pad	Lingering String Pad	BOWED: Synthesized Pad with lots of decay and wet reverb and delay FX.

B11	DreadNot	RosewoodD-StyleAcGtr 	Finger style with lower octave pitch on four wound strings for acoustic texture. 
B12	RoundBak	InjectionMoldAcouGtr	Piezo + Single coil angled across the neck.
B13	Acou12st	SmallBodyStereo12Str	Panned 12 string acoustic guitar with a small body and a thin tone.   
B14	Woody 12	12String Concert Grand	Jumbo body style 12 string.  Great for strumed chord.Jumbo body style 12 string. 
B21	DropEtoD	D-StyleAcGtr/Drop D	Acoustic guitar with a low D string.  Pitch shifting is similiar to b11.
B22	DAD-GAD		D A D G A D Tuning	Open tuning not found in VG-8 preset tuning options.
B23	WoodSplt	Upright/6stringSplit	 
B24	SwtBabyV	ProcessedAc/LiteBass	Combination of acoustic guitar and bass.  
B31	ElAcGtr1	DetunedPiezo&NeckPUs	Detuned Electro-accoustic guitar with angled neck pickup and a compressor.
B32	ElAcGtr2	Chorus&DblDly+1X12AG	Electro Acoustic with b thick chorus and delay through smooth 1X12 Boogie.
B33	Stereo 1	PanRearPU+FullBody	Rear pickup stereo Strat with light polyphonic compression with bottom end.
B34	Stereo 2	2HBIbnz+Pan+Warm 	2 Humbuck Ibanez panned in stereo with poly compression and warm tone.    
B41	ChiknPik	Tennessee Bright Tele	Single coil rear pickup through vintage amp with 2X12.    
B42	StudioLd	2Pickup335+1X12&U87	 
B43	JazzGtr1	Solid BodyJazzGuitar	Front pickup LP with the tone rolled off for a jazz sound.  
B44	JzSplit1	FrontPU's/ForBigBass 	Split jazz guitar sound with bass on bottom two strings and guitar on top.  
B51	Modern		ModStrt+ModFX		Modern Strat C&F with modern effects and a modern amplifier setup.
B52	Classic		WC&FStrat+ClnWrmStack 	Classic Strat F&C through clean channel of a Classic Stack.
B53	Groovin'	KillerFiller+LowOctv	Single coil high-mid cut with hint of a lower octave.
B54	PhaseOut	CleanTweed+Slapback 	Out of phase pickups though  phase shifter ,slapback delay through a Tweed Stack.
B61	SpreadPU	2SinglePUs+Dtune&Dbl 	
B62	NewJazz		Old175 OverProcessed	Stand Pat with a great smooth jazz solo sound.
B63	LotsaPan	CleanStratC&F+PanDly	 
B64	Pitch FX	StratC&R+PitchShift	Guitar formally known as Strat.  
B71	RealBass	2PUBass+Comp+LoBoost 	Generic bass patch that will work for almost any style of music.   
B72	AcouBass	JazzUpright+Limiter	Killer bass sound for jazz and fusion.
B73	FlangBas	BoomingBass+Flanger 	Full bottom end tone thickened with a heavy flanger.
B74	6StrBass		
B81	DistoBas	FILTER BASS		Smooth dynamic synth bass.
B82	TknoBass	FILTER BASS 		Smooth dynamic synth bass.
B83	AttackBs				Fast attack short decay bass with resonance and flange effect.
B84	BassPad		

VC2 A11 5150Rock HailOnWithHotRodHead One HB on strat body through turbo charged Classic stack amp. A12 BIG Amp 2PUIbnz+CS+8X12Stack 2 pickup Ibenez through compressed Marshall 8X12 stack. A13 BritRock Classic70's LP+Stack Classic 70's hard rock sound! A14 80sMetal MoreMarshallManiacs Ibenez C+R through a BOSS DS-1 and into a 2X12 British combo. A21 Classic2 StratC&F+CrispyStack A22 America2 AmGtr+AmAmp+AmBlues An American Guitar though an American Amp for American Blues A23 MuffFuzz FuzzStrat+SmlPignose Fuzz Metal Strat into a Classic 1X12. Cut the highs, cut the noise. A24 DistoVib OutOfPhasePU+Crunch Out of phase Strat with distortion + and a cranked 1X12 Vibrolux. A31 BigBottm LPFrongPU+CS3&Twin A32 RockinPZ Piezo+CrankedTwinRvb A33 US Stack OverDriveTweed+8X12 A34 HighMids D&SPUs+DS1+1X12 2 rear pickups through distortion and 1X12 Marshall. A41 FnkCrnch C&FPUStrat+2X12Tweed Almost clean, almost dirty, just about to break up. A42 CrunchFX CenterPU+2X12Stack EMG in center position with pounds of compression. A43 PRS Sing FrontPickupPRS Cranked Studio Lead with PRS guitar tone rolled off. A44 MtalPdal LP+MetalPedal+Studio LP through cranked MT2 and a loud Studio Rhythm with 8X12s. A51 Memphis ShortSlapBoogieBlues Classic Strat C & F through 1X12 Tweed. Fat as a Jelly Doughnut. A52 BlueKing StratFPU+2X12Tweed Front pickup strat through slightly over drivin Poly Boogie Combo. A53 12X12X12 Strings/Speakers/PU 12-strings, 12 inch speaker, 12 knobs on the amp, boost 12 dBm. A54 Champ 12 HighMidEQBoostCuts Compressed 12-string through 1X12 Champ. A61 BopMetal 12Str+PolyMetalPedal A panned 12-string LP through a polyphonic Metal Zone. A62 BlueBox HexophonicDistortion The GR-300 can play the polyphonic distortion blues. A63 PolyBird BirdlandPolyMT2Stack Ted like Metal tone with with enough poly effect to separate through lot's of 12's. A64 PolyPaul LP+CrankedPolyBoogie A71 Banjo 2 DustInTheBanjo RESONATOR: An alternate banjo patch which is different than the factory preset. A72 Sitar NorVegion Wood A73 Violin PerformInCarnegie BOWED: Legit violin with tons of reverb for concert hall feel A74 SafeSax Kenny V PIPE: Synthetic Sax with tones of FX. Play above the 12th fret. A81 RezoLead GR Synth For 90's A82 HornSect DynamicRegalHorns ARTICULATED: Horn Section with lots of chorus and doubling. A83 HomeOrgn PullOutStopsByTouch DRAWBAR: Dynamic Organ Patch for jazz/rock lines and backing A84 V String ChorusedStringSect BOWED: Synthetic Strings for big pad parts B11 AcouGtr SmallBodyStereoAcGtr Panned acoustic guitar with a small body and a thin tone. B12 Chorus 6 D-StyleAcouGt+Chorus B13 Hotel6+6 HellFreezesUnplugged Split with added lower octave on bottom three strings and upper octave. B14 Acou2001 21stCenturyFingrPick Split 3 & 3 with more pitch shift mix. B21 NashTune AlmostNashvilleTuning Piezo and single coil spread across the neck. B22 Capo 2nd AcouGtrCapoAt2ndFret B23 Stereo12 MediumBodyAc12String B24 GrasTrio Upright/6st/Mandolin Three way split for one man Bluegrass band. B31 ElAcGtr3 ScratchCleanCS3Stsck B32 ElAcGtr4 SpreadPU&PZ+Dtune&FX Single coil and piezo pickups compressed, detuned. B33 Stereo 3 emiHollowJazzGuitar Stereo jazz guitar with single & double coil pickup at the neck. B34 X Guitar PUsInAnX+OutOfPhase Single coil pickup configuration that would be difficult to produce. B41 Ice Tele Neck PU+2X12Tweed+Dbl Bright Hollow Comb Filter with one pickup at the 12th fret. B42 ChiknBas NashvilleTele-N-Bass Chicken Picket Country guitar and bass. Split with three strings per part. B43 JazzGtr2 PolyComp+1X12VinCmbo Big hollow body guitar through a compressor and a 1X12 vintage combo. B44 JzSplit2 SolidBodyJzGtr/ElBas Split jazz guitar sound with bass on bottom two strings and guitar on top. B51 CleanFX LP+CH1+RE150+StackMS Rear pickup LP, compressed and sweetened with chorus & delay. B52 C&R EMGs PolyComp+BrightTwin B53 70sFuzak SemiHollowFunkRhythm Semi hollow body funk jazz tone with a nice mid range boost. B54 Unique OutOfPhunkPhaseSngPU Out of phase single coils on the neck and angled accross the body. B61 Rout Out PUsAcrossNeckPhasedOut 2 single coil pickups angled accross the neck. B62 NewAgeJz AngleHB&PZ+Dtune&Dbl Piezo + Angled Singlc coil on the neck with lots heavy effects. B63 MixedOct OctaVerCanDoChords! B64 Spin-V LeslieStrat+PolyAmp Tremolo front pickup Strat through poly studio amp. B71 A/E Bass CountryAcou/ElectBass B72 8stHamer 8stringBass+2X12+U87 B73 SlapBass PopItIfYouFindRoom HB pickup on body and single pickup under bridge for cut. B74 Long Bass B81 Crunchy FXBass B82 RetroBas RetroDiscoThing B83 SawBass SawWaveSynBass+Decay FILTER BASS: Fat analog bass sound B82 FILTER BASS

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