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Welcome to our new SoundFont Delivery System. From here you can locate, audition, purchase and download all in the same session. 

Delivery System 

Online Payment 

  • We accept worldwide Visa, Mastercard and Checks drawn on US banks.
  • Completely secure SSL connections between our site and our transaction house.
  • You will receive an emailed copy of the of your purchase transaction.
  • Credit card information is not stored at either location.
  • Delivery Method 

  • Once your transaction is approved you are taken to our SoundFont Delivery page which will show your SoundFont Basket banks available for download. Our soundFonts are compressed into WinZip files. If you do not have Winzip you may obtain a free evaluation copy at
  • You will then have 24 hours to download your banks and may leave and return later within that time to complete downloads, as well.

  • SoundFont Banks 


  • Individual and Multiple Instruments
  • General Midi
  • Loops & Patterns
  • Individual Instruments 

  • Professional studio quality
  • Several variations, with the most commonly used at program 0.
  • Multiple-velocity and/or filtered velocity-split regions
  • Multiple sample zones spread through an 8 octave range (in most cases).
  • Meticulous detail toward high quality ie., low noise, cleanly looped samples, maximum frequency response, timbral accuracy, accurate Lfo's and overall creative playability.
  • Multiple Instruments

  • Several instruments, generally relating to a particular musical style.
  • Played together these instruments can complete an entire rhythm track.
  • General Midi 

  • Sets include the default GS percussion range as well as the alternate drum kits: Room, Power, Electronic, TR-808, Jazz, Brush and Orchestra Kits.
  • Highest attention to detail, universal use.
  • Full range response from deep bass to sizzling highs.
  • Tested on hundreds upon hundreds of GM sequences created for different sound cards to obtain a meticulous audio playback balance.
  • Loops & Patterns 

  • Great for Radio/TV spots, Film scoring, trackers, DJ's and novices.
  • Can be used by pro musicians and non-musicians alike.
  • No external keyboard necessary, just assign the notes from your favorite sequencer.
  • All banks are arranged & organized in a very useable fashion to be easily playable from bank to bank as shown below.
  • The main supporting rhythm loop will always be found on key 36 (note C2). Proceeding up from there you will find supporting loops and hits for that musical style ranging up a minimum of 12 total notes (loops or hits) and as high as 24 notes (2 octaves). The example at right shows 22 individual sample loops / hits. 
    For reference: Middle C is note C4. So, on a 5 octave keyboard the 1st loop would appear on the low C note.
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