Voice Crystal - Kurzweil K2000 / K2500 Sounds

Programs denoted with * include original samples and require extra RAM memory to load.

        VC1			VC2			VC3			VC4			VC5		

0	Classical Piano 	Tremolo EP 		Angel's Board 		Techno Drums 		Cymbalic 
1 	Str/Piano Duet 	 	Deep Strings 		Piano & Horn 		Highpass Fun  		Analog Brass 
2	MKS-20 Piano 	 	Outlaw Bass 		Metallic Organ 		Highpass Rezcomp 	StreoFaderVoic 
3 	Intrique Piano 	 	Funk/Wah Synth 		Piano & Backup 		Oberbrass 		XtraBrightLayers 
4 	Classic Rhodes 	 	Lost In Space 		Plucked & Swept 	OB-8 Voice 		Anapadstring  
5 	Pearl EP 	 	Heavenly..... 		Piano+Syn		String Verbass 		Vel Jazz Gtr. 
6 	Fairlight EP 	 	Flangerous 		Robo Crystal 		Bushishuru 		Minimoog Bass 
7 	Yo-Bad-Self EP 	 	Analog K2000 		Glimmering Piano 	MiniMoog Bass 		2-Stop Clav 
8 	Meat & Potato EP 	Sweeping ResoPad 	Synth Keys 		Day Tripper  		Crisp E. Pno 
9 	Jazzy EP 	 	Midnight Bell 		Winston 3 		VS Sweep 		AscendToHeaven 
10 	K2000 Jazz Split 	Jupiter 8 		Snap kick it		Acid Jazz		General MIDI Kit
11 	Jazz Organ 1 	 	Partially Done 		X-Bass 	 		HP Saw WH		MonoY Mono
12 	Rotary Organ 	 	Oz's Orchestra 		5 Layer Bass 		Fruitopia 		Vel Saw Comp 
13 	B-3.0 	 		Etheral Strings 	Gritty Bass 		FilterClose Comp 	Velo Solo Flute 
14 	B-3.1 	 		Movie Strings 		Bass & Fills 		Delta Solo 		Ana/DigtlTrpts 
15 	B-3.2 	 		Nine Inch Nails 	Moguley 		Winged People 		FM Bells 
16 	Synthetic Pipes 	Rave Bass 		Deep Bass 		Beat Frequency 		Modular Beef 
17 	Ovation-istic 	 	Tremolo Brass 		Bass Rezo 		Induxum Bass 		Vel Bass 
18 	Chorus Gtr. 	 	Swirve Bass 		Sign Waver 		Poly Fusion 		AliensAmongUs 
19 	Elec Gtr + 	 	Light Synth 		Dark Bad Bass 		Niko 			Chick's Minimoog 
20 	Gilmour 	 	Swing Bass 		Wheel Lead 		WelcometoRecall 	ProgresivRock 
21 	Data Echo-Plex 	 	Prophet 5 Pad 		Juice Lead 		Mondo 303 		AndromedaStrgs 
22 	Matheny 	 	Camouflage Pad 		Growler 		SeqRez Bass 		Solo Trombone 
23 	Celtic Harp 	 	Chinese Techno 		Wild Lead In C 		303 Square 		Digital Rhodes 
24 	Ausiland 	 	Saxy Saxy Saxy 		Shakurina (velo) 	MegaMoog 		PulseWaveMod1 
25 	Big Orchestra 	 	Creamy Pad 		Chiff Prophet 		Soft Synth 		Tweeter Bird 
26 	SuperConductor 	 	French Musette 		Vocal Lead 		Bite Comp 		Super Bass 
27 	Angelic Strings 	Analog Pad 		Local Lead 		Electro Comp 		XoverPluckLead 
28 	Quartet 1812 	 	Stevie's Clav 		Synth Organ 		Close Encounters 	Multi S/Hold 
29 	Orchestra Bed 	 	Heavenly Choir 		Sitarded 		In The House 		VelOrch/Choir 
30 	O B Strings 	 	PulsePWM Strings 	Translator 		Mental Vortex 		ClavinetStop#1 
31 	HiddenOBXStrings  	*Emax Bass 1 		FlyBy@LightSpeed 	Kabel Sine Bells 	MellowTrumpet 
32 	Gloryful Orch 		*JD800 Moog Bass 	KalimbaAnvil 		Head Sweeper 		My Wave Chain 
33 	K2000 Voyage 		*JD800 Clav Bass 	Scirrocco 		Pleasure Dome 		Fretless Bass 
34 	Fantasia 		*JD800HipHopBas 	Cutting Pad 		Virtual Xtasy 		Pulsw Flange 
35 	Sparticus! 		*JD800 Rave Bass 	Victoring 		Waldorf Rave 		Bell Flute 
36 	Saxaphone(s) 		*Bucky Loop 		FriteClav 		Jupiter 8 		Synth Comp 
37 	Bad Bones 		*PPG Sync Synth 	Versamilitude 		CS30 Rave Bass 		MedBriteBrass 
38 	Big Brass 		*Rich PPG Synth 	Emilitious 		Auto maj/min 		PsychoStrRandom 
39 	Goodbye Miles... 	*PPG Wave Synth 	Fluid Piano 		Panacea 		Acou/FenderBass 
40 	Mountain Flute 		*PPG Wave Rave 		Onyx Anti-Treble 	2001 			SpaceWheel 
41 	Flute & Trill 		*PPG Lead Synth 	Juicy Pad 2 		Indo Sync 		Synth Comp 1 
42 	Sax/Bass Split 		*Synth String 		Flemish Steam Sweep 	Nasty Vel Lead 		Synth Comp 2
43 	D-50 Fanfare Brass 	HOJO Flute 		Droplets of Time 	Vienna Strings 		StereoPhazPan 
44 	O B Brass 1 		Depeche Mode 		Wave Dance 		Micor Coupland 		Hold Me Sweep 
45 	Data Gothic Vox 	DX7 Brass 		Pulsal 			HP Buzz Comp 		AnaVoxString 
46 	Enigma Vocals 		Square Synth 		Juice Goose 		Postive Feedback 	Wah Clavinet 
47 	Zero Gravity 		60's Organ 		Resonant Piano 		Corrosive X 		MellowBrassEns 
48 	V.A.S.T. Ghosts 	Ballad String 		Goings on  		Fractal Radiants 	Freq Torture 
49 	Locust Voxx 		Matrix 12 Brass 	Bell Pad Mode 		Newage Flute 		Runaway Ana
50 	Pressure Vocoder 	Pure Analog 		Guitar & Drums 		Maxy Rave Bass 		Brite & Buzzy 
51 	Sonovox 2000 		Reso-Synth 		Acoustic Strum 		Chroma Swept 		PsychoBrsRandom 
52 	Into The Light 		What The !!!!! 		Electric Guitar! 	Rage Flute 		MiniMoogBass 
53 	Awaiting 		A Little Strange 	Choir & 12 String 	Organ Lead 		Dyna My Rhodes 
54 	AncientWaterSong 	Choir/Strings 		Chokable Vox 		CS15 Rave Bass 		DisruptorBeam 
55 	Euphoria 		Analog 5th's 		Record Scratch 		AX80 Pad 		Analogical 
56 	Chroma Talk 		Reso Piano 		Strings 		Comp Of Style  		SynthGateLead 
57 	Tom Sawyer 		Funk Guitar 		Torch Water 		Direct Synthesis 	Wave Station 
58 	Big Synth 5th 		Rocky Bass 		RhythmicSynGtr 		Moog SL-8 		ClavinetStop#2 
59 	Bubbly Analog 		Tear Jerker 		Organ 			Into The Future 	Double Me Bass 
60 	Poly Sync 		Funky Clav Baby 	EP Organ 		Sojo Flambo 		Industry 2000 
61 	MIDI Moog K2000 	Jupiter 8 Pad 		Wow Choir 		No Place Like House 	VelBrassEnsmbl 
62 	Mini Moog Lead 1 	Vox Machina 		Organ & Choir 		T-8 Brass 		Digabell 
63 	Mini Moog Lead 2 	Sync It Up 		Splash 			Clip Cricket 		Guitar Sync 
64 	Data Dtn Mini Ld 	Gin & Tonic Vox 	Scottish Organ 		Techno Clipper 		Hold Me Clav 
65 	Sawtooth Lead 		Pong Synth 		Mettalic Pizz 		Vox Continental 	OberhiemSquare 
66 	O B Space 		Brass Times 2 		Not Sutble 		606 & 303 		SawEnvFltrSwep 
67 	ARP 2600+SVC-350 	Bellarama 		Dream Voices 		Sang-Froid 		Revolvin Loop 
68	The Raven		Piano & Strings 	Filter E. Bass 		Sine Genies 		PreHistrySynth 
69	Ganamede Pipes		Chicago Pad 		Popcorn 		Brass Accents 		Mr.Nosey'sLead 
70	Moraz Organ		Ballad Comp 		Scoring Strings 	Katherine's Song 	Resonant Bass  
71 	Quiet Interlude 	Etheral Pad-Vox 	Polished Bells 		GNewmans Aliens 	Biter Clav 
72 	Digital Sweep 		L/A Piano 		Talko Bell 		Muted House 		Thick Sawbell 
73 	Wavestation Sweep 	Electro/Acoustic 	SynHrp&BellDuo 		Synthacon 		RobotHarmonics 
74 	Digi Sweep 		Country Guitar 		Analog Violin 		OSCar 			FM Bell Pad 
75 	Digi-Saw 		*Fairlight Vox 		Trembling Violin 	Sublime Presence 	Plutonians 
76 	Digital Bliss 		The Big Organ 		Tremblin Section 	Pied Pipe 		MiniMoogBass4 
77 	Velosync 		Squared Stiff 		Minor Major Trill 	Voyetra Lead 		PanEnvelopment  
78 	Microwave 1.0 		Piano / onaiP 		Saw 5th Random Pad  	Howlin'Wind 		Light Brass
79 	Utter Chaos 		*Scary......... 	Muted Trumpet 		Euphoros 		BeefedUpBrass 
80 	City Leitz Pad 		LA Guitar 		Space 			Egg Snatcher 		Cloud Nine 
81 	K2000 Drama 		Strange Strings 	Quasar 			Philos Strings 		SynthComp2 
82 	Mother's Milk 		Drama Voices 		Tap then Hold 		Photic Harp 		Space Voices 
83 	Invisioning 2000 	SynthBrass 1980 	SoundTrack 		SubSub Bass 		MorpheusFormnt 
84 	Sequential 1978 	*Rave Synth 		LegatoIndustrado 	KineticSnd Prism 	WackoOrchestra 
85 	Wonderpad 		Bell / Piano 		Horror Hit 		Anima 			MiniMoogBass5 
86 	*Horn Split   		Times Square 		Power Up 		Liquid Space Pod 	Mt. Olympus 
87 	*Blue Z Horns 		Snake Charmer 		Sonor Blast 		Dynanalog Synth 	Analog Trumpet 
88	*Triumpet 		Glocken Synth 		Down 	Serge 		VelResClavinet 		MoonWalk
89 	*King Louie's Joy 	MKS-70 Waves 		Sparkles 		Bing Bass 		PianoSynth 
90 	*8th Wonder Sect. 	Strings W/ Piano 	Star Chime 		Metal Alloy 		StellarStarLit 
91 	*Fretless Split 1 	Lovely Strings 		Bottom End 		Fiesta en Rio 		FaderChoirStrg 
92	*Fretless Split 2 	Sweeping String 	Slammin Midi Kit 	Fat Velo Saw  		SynthClav 1 
93 	*Fretless Split 3 	Power String 		Woof! 			ODW Flap Bass 		Anastrng&E.Pno 
94 	*Fretless Split 4 	*Heavenly Pad 		Any Channel 		Square 101 		FatSynthBass 
95 	*Mini Moog 1 		*Rave Bass 2 		Percazoid 		Vocal Strike 		FM Bell Lead 
96 	*Moog Bass 		Bottom Half 		Dance Split 		303 Lead 		Stereo Brass 
97 	*Oberheim Time 		Jamaica Mon 		Kick Thru Da Mix 	Celestial Pluck 	DistortionGtr 
98 	*Mini Moog 2 		Bucky Drums 		120 bpm loop 1 		Belgium Bass 		Vel Orchestra 
99 	*Mini Moog 3+ 		Tight Drums 		120 bpm loop 2 		RayGun 			PluskSaw Pad

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