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The Digital Kitchen: NOISE LOOPS

Spawned from the colossal success of the industrial package "MIND CONTROL", NOISE LOOPS is a crucial factor that compliments the series. Choked full with the most treacherous and enigmatic loops available, this CD is an absolute for the true industrialist and anyone interested in delving into the unknown.

Welcome to the 2nd installment from the phenominally successful MIND CONTROL sample collection. The Digital Kitchen breaks through with a remarkable sampling CD at a remarkable price! NOISE LOOPS is designed for the industrial sampling enthusiasts. Experience 58 tracks of mind-grinding machine assaults, rhythmatic audio massacre, pulsating percussion, drowning arpeggiated synth bass, screaming distortion and unwilling groove restraint. NOISE LOOPS is a terrorizing disc. Not for the weak at heart or mind.

NOISE LOOPS is only $49.95
Web Special $24.95!

Audio Demos & Free Samples 
All Voice Crystal CD's are License Free provided that if you use any of these samples on a music production project... when that project is published, you give us credits in the liner notes and a few copies of your final production. Please read our Copyright notice.
Format Description Size Title/Style Track
Real Audio 
Real Audio - 32khz, Stereo 42k
115 BPM
Full Stereo - Decoded Size: 1,468k 
(for MPEG players see our Sound Tools page) 
32khz, Stereo, Linear 1,065k

Track Index - with Real Audio Demos 
Note: The SoundClips below are single-cut excerpts from the tracks listed.
Track Instrument / Description
Noise Loops Demo
100 BPM
105 BPM
110 BPM
115 BPM
120 BPM
125 BPM
130 BPM
Mind Control Demo
Mind Control Demo II
Funky Rythms You Can't Live Without Demo


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