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  2. Select the above Styles or Types you wish to view.
  3. Listen to the MP3 demos via the Flash Player buttons or by downloading the actual MP3 file by clicking on "mp3".
    Note: Instruments will play in near CD quality, while Loops & Patterns will play in a LoFi quality.
    Actual soundfont product samples are in full CD quality 44.1Khz, 16bit (some are stereo as specified)!
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Order Name Demo Type Description             Size Price
pnosws08 Piano Steinway 9' Acoustic Grand 8Meg Stereo with 6 variations 8.2M 8.00
pnosws16 Piano Steinway 9' Acoustic Grand 16Meg Stereo with 10 variations 16.3M 12.00
drmnbas4 Drum/Bass Six deep synth bass patches & a drum kit 2.0M 3.00
femahs04 Vocal Female Choir Ahs, Stereo, Rich & Airy, 18 variations. 4.2M 6.00
sitar_st India India Sitar, Stereo, 3 variations including Drone. 4.2M 6.00
MystikW1 Drum TweakHeadz GM-style Lo-Fi drum kit with variations. Radical! 7.5M 12.00
alembass Bass Alembic Bass, 21 variations incl slaps, slides & harmonics 4.9M 6.00
classgtr Guitar Classical Guitar, Stereo - 11 variations + Articulations 4.5M 6.00
rokrhode Piano Rock Rhodes Keyboard, Stereo - 7 variations 5.2M 6.00

Loops & Patterns
Order Name Demo Style Bpm Description             Size Price
pop14001 Pop 140 Pop rock grooves and fills at 140 bpm 4.0M 3.00
pop09001 Pop 090 Progressive pop fills and grooves at 90 bpm. 4.3M 3.00
tec10001 Techno 100 Original vocoded percussion loops at 100 bpm. 3.8M 3.00
tec16003 Techno 160 Wild break beat style techno loops at 160 bpm. 3.8M 3.00
wldvar03 World Var Atmospheric loops from the legendary Balanese Gamalan. 4.0M 3.00
wld06002 World 060 Reggae drum loops with & without dub effects at 60 bpm. 3.8M 3.00
wld06003 World 060 Fancy Reggae guitar licks at 60 bpm 4.0M 3.00
wldvar05 World Var Loops of flutes from Ireland and the Middle East. 3.6M 3.00
wldvar04 World Var More loops from the Balanese Gamelan. 3.8M 3.00
tr707 Drum 120 Slammin' loops and single hits from the legendary drum box! 3.5M 3.00
wld06004 World 060 Useful fills and percussion loops in the Reggae style. 3.9M 3.00
wld07003 World 070 Bass guitar Roots Reggae style at 70 bpm. 3.9M 3.00
wld07004 World 070 Skankin' Roots Reggae Hammond loops at 70 bpm 3.7M 3.00
wld07005 World 070 Seven loops from the Australian Didgeridoo at 70 bpm 4.0M 3.00
wld08003 World 080 Dubish Reggae drum loops at 80 bpm. 4.4M 3.00
lat12002 Latin 120 All the loops you'lll need for that grooving Latin flavor! 3.6M 3.00
wld08004 World 080 Wicked Roots Reggae guitar licks and chops at 80 bpm. 3.9M 3.00
wld09001 World 090 Top loops at 90 bpm for that exotic extra spice. 3.9M 3.00
wld06006 World 060 Fancy Reggae guitar licks at 60 bpm 3.9M 3.00
rnb10002 R&B 100 Rockin' Rhythm & Blues virtual band construction kit. 3.0M 3.00


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