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Year of 1996

October - December '96

  • -- Web Exclusive --
    Limited Time Offer >>>20% Off All Products<<< From Nov. 1st '96 to Jan. 1st '97
    Call 1-800-726-7664 & just say "I saw it on the Web"!
  • A busy month...we released 2 new sampling CD's;
  • Back by popular demand we've restocked our VCXM1 (256k) RAM Card $99.95.
    (Korg type MCR-03) Works in the following Synths;
    • M1, M3R, Wavestation & Wavestation SR
    • Waldorf Microwave
  • Hear what your Korg M1 could sound like with one of our
    M1 ROM Cards 100 Voice/50 Combinations $74.95 ea plugged into it!
  • We added our new Developers Wanted section... looking for some
    free soundcards for your synth...we'll trade you!
  • We combined our Site Updates page with this Latest News page to make it easier for you.

September '96

  • Voice Crystal® is happy to announce the Hot New "Outside" sampling 2-CD Set featuring Deep Space, Atmospheric and Ambient impressions!

August '96

  • We dropped the price on our Roland (512K) RAM card from $128.95 to $99.95.
    For all units requiring the Roland M-512E type RAM card, (ie. VG-8, SUPER JV1080, etc.).
    Also works in any equipment requiring the (256K) card.

  • Voice Crystal® is happy to announce the Hot New "Akil Wemusa - The Low End - Bass Loops Vol. 1" sampling CD from The Digital Kitchen... now with downloadable Free Samples!
  • One of our latest enhancements is the Dealer Locater search engine where you may find a dealer nearest you as well as Mail Order houses and those who have installed our CD Jukebox System so that you may Try Before You Buy!
  • Perhaps you are interested in some used equipment from our new Company Classifieds section.

April - July '96

We've finally made it online! Please check back with us frequently, as we are still under construction. Also, you might want to enter your email address into our Guestbook / Mailing List and we will be happy to keep you updated on new developments including new products, pricing changes and product blowouts!

Happy browsing!

  • Voice Crystal® is happy to announce four new titles, hot off the press!
    • For those of you looking for fresh drum loops and patterns, check out Johnathan Moffett's "Rhythm Cliches".
    • Tired of hearing over played Jazz guitar loops and chords? Take a gander at Frank Gambale's two CD set "Song Starters Vol. 1".
    • Are you a Techno or Trance Producer? Longing for sonic eccentricity and usability? Well, you better be ready to pick up the "Syntonic Generator" two CD set.
    • If you need analog synth sounds, but dont want another collection of the same old sounds; then "Vortexual Amplitude" is for you. With over seventy minutes of samples and loops of never before documented sounds, it will bring your project to life. 

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